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SPOT: A "Subsettability Checker" for HDF-EOS Files

A companion program to HEW, SPOT can be used to check HDF-EOS files for subsettability by HEW. SPOT is invoked using a simple command-line interface. It checks that

  • The file exists and is readable
  • The file is in HDF format
  • The file is in HDF-EOS format
  • The file contains valid HDF-EOS structures
  • The file contains the data needed for subsetting by HEW

SPOT can be invoked in "verbose" or "silent" mode. In "verbose" mode, SPOT displays the HDF-EOS structures as it checks them. This can be used to view the structure of an unknown HDF-EOS file, for example. In "silent" mode, only error messages are output. In both cases, the exit status is set to reflect the "subsettability" of the file. An enclosing script can check the exit status and perform other operations if errors were detected.

SPOT is now available for download:

For additional information, send e-mail to or call +1-256-824-6868.


For additional information, e-mail or call +1-256-824-6868.
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