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New Beta Advanced Data Search Tool (Searchlight)

New Beta Advanced Data Search Tool is a Web-based search, order, and subsetting interface for gridded data at NSIDC.

New Beta Advanced Data Search Tool is an inventory-level, simple-to-use, on-line graphical interface to NSIDC's cryospheric data. It allows users to get just the subsetted/reprojected/reformatted data they need, in the format they want, as quickly as possible. It allows users to display and interact with the data. It has inventory-level graphical Results Explorer functionality providing browse image movies and selected metadata exploration. Bookmark-able links into search results can be saved, shared, or e-mailed, and it includes a free text search.

New Beta Advanced Data Search Tool provides new data delivery services to users that include on-the-fly download of archived files; on-the-fly reformatting to geotiff (gridded data), netCDF (gridded and point data), and ASCII csv (point data); on-the-fly reprojection to a limited set of canned projections such as Cylindrical Equidistant (latitude/longitude), Lambert Northern Azimuthal, Lambert Southern Azimuthal, Cylindrical Equal-area, Northern Polar Stereographic, Southern Polar Stereographic, and easily extensible to other projections; on-the-fly resolution resampling; packaging that includes links to data set documentation; and packaging that includes data provenance for any reformatting/reprojecting/resampling operations that are done.

The Beta release of this interface serves a limited set of NSIDC data. NSIDC is working to include more data sets.

Service Provider

Service Organization: NSIDC > National Snow and Ice Data Center
Service Organization URL:
Phone: +1 (303)-492-6199
Fax: +1 (303)-492-2468

User Services
National Snow and Ice Data Center
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0449

For additional information, send e-mail to or call +1-256-824-6868.



For additional information, e-mail or call +1-256-824-6868.
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