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HEW: A Dataset-Independent Subsetter for HDF-EOS Files

NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System has chosen HDF-EOS as the preferred format for the storage of data. HDF-EOS is based on the Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. HDF-EOS expands the capabilities of HDF, adding data types that are specifically designed for the storage of geophysical data. These data types are called swath, grid, and point.

HEW (HDF-EOS Web-based subsetter) can extract a subset of any grid or swath data file that is in HDF-EOS format. Subsetting can be performed on

  • Latitude and longitude (rectangular areas)
  • Date and time span (swath data)
  • Dataset parameter, e.g., instrument or sensor

HEW is also capable of subsampling by extracting every Nth point of data.

As a stand-alone subsetter, HEW uses a user-friendly web-based front-end to gather the user's subsetting criteria and then submits the subsetting job to the batch queue. The subsetter engine (back-end) can also be used separately by substituting a site-specific front-end in place of HEW's web-based interface.

Which HEW is right for you?

For additional information, send e-mail to or call +1-256-824-6868.


For additional information, e-mail or call +1-256-824-6868.
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