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AVHRR Oceans Pathfinder Subsetter System

The NOAA/ NASA AVHRR Oceans Pathfinder sea surface temperature data are derived from the 5-channel Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometers (AVHRR) on board the NOAA -7, -9, -11 and -14 polar orbiting satellites. Daily, 8-day and monthly averaged data for both the ascending pass (daytime) and descending pass (nighttime) are available on equal-angle grids of 4096 pixels/360 degrees (nominally referred to as the 9km resolution), 2048 pixels/360 degrees (nominally referred to as the 18km resolution), and 720 pixels/360 degrees (nominally referred to as the 54km resolution or 0.5 degree

Data in different spatial/temporal resolutions areavailable from 1985 - 1999 (November 20).

Global files are available through PO.DAAC ftp or order form and desired regions are available through the AVHRR Pathfinder subsetting system.

Service Provider

Service Organization: JPL/PODAAC > Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center
Service Organization URL:
Phone: (626) 744-5508
Fax: (626) 744-5506

For additional information, send e-mail to or call +1-256-824-6868.


For additional information, e-mail or call +1-256-824-6868.
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