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Precipitation Processing System (PPS) TRMM Freeware Orbit Viewer

The Orbit Viewer is a tool for displaying the HDF data of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM). The viewer enables you to display TRMM data at the full instrument resolution on a map of the Tropics. Since 1997, the Precipitation Processing System (PPS) at NASA Goddard has developed and distributed the Orbit Viewer.

The Orbit Viewer runs under Linux, SGI IRIX, Windows XP, and Mac OS X and can be downloaded from the PPS FTP site.

The Orbit Viewer makes it easy to perform an initial examination of TRMM data files. The viewer allows you to display TRMM data at the full instrument resolution on a map of the tropics. Vertical cross sections and 3D images of rain structure can also be created. With a resolution of approximately 90 dots-per-inch (dpi), the images generated by the Orbit Viewer are suitable for on-screen display or for informal presentations. The Orbit Viewer, however, is not designed to create the high-resolution images (300-600 dpi) for publication.

The Orbit Viewer requires 64 megabytes of memory to display subsets of TRMM orbits and 128 megabytes to display some variables in full-orbit files (such as 2A25.rain and 1C21.normalSample). The Orbit Viewer was designed for monitors with 1280x1024 pixels, but most features will work for monitors with resolution as low as 800x600 pixels.

Please note that PPS does not distribute TRMM data to the general public. Please visit the Goddard DISC (DAAC) TRMM Data Acess Portal to obtain TRMM Data Access.

Note: The TSDIS Orbit Viewer is now referred to as the PPS Orbit Viewer.

Depiction of TRMM satellite
Depiction of TRMM satellite

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For additional information, e-mail or call +1-256-824-6868.
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