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An annotated Guide to Earth Remote Sensing Data and Information
An HDF-EOS and Data Formatting Primer
An Introduction to Microwave Remote Sensing
DAR Tutorial
EDG Gateway Tutorial
Geographic Information Systems Tutorials
SAR Data Center
Learning the Hierarchical Data Format
MATLAB Support for HDF & HDF-EOS
The Remote Sensing Tutorial

Presentations from Subset Meeting July 10-11, 2002

Row/col subsetting (Powerpoint 70.0 KB)
Issues from the previous meeting (Powerpoint 26.0 KB)
Order ID Flow Presentation (Powerpoint 76.5 KB)
HSA Metrics.ppt (Powerpoint 28.5 KB)
HSA Changes Since March.ppt (Powerpoint 31.5 KB)
LPDAAC_NSIDC_071102.ppt (Powerpoint 221 KB)
SubSetter_at_NSIDC.ppt (Powerpoint 103 KB)
NCR Presentation (Powerpoint 602 KB)
OSS Presentation (Powerpoint 593 KB)
OSS Policy C (Microsoft Word 33.0 KB)
Issues of interest to User Services (Powerpoint 34.5 KB)
User Services Guide.doc (Microsoft Word 198 KB)
HSA Reusability Issues.ppt (Powerpoint 77.5 KB)
HSA Interfaces Summary.ppt (Powerpoint 36.0 KB)
HSA change requests (Powerpoint 312 KB)
ESS MSS EDGRS Metrics (Microsoft Word 30.5 KB)


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