Storms with Most Impact
Hurricanes and tropical storms identified as those having the most direct impact on the SANDS region of interest over a 9-year period:

• Tropical Storm Helene, mid to late September 2000
• Tropical Storm Allison, early to mid June 2001
• Tropical Storm Barry, late July through mid August 2001
• Tropical Storm Isidore, late September 2002
• Hurricane Ivan, early through late September 2004
• Tropical Storm Arlene, early to mid June 2005
• Tropical Storm Cindy, early July 2005
• Hurricane Dennis, early to mid July 2005
• Hurricane Katrina, late August through early September 2005
• Tropical Storm Fay, late August 2008
• Hurricane Gustav, late August through early September 2008

Storm Landfall Locations