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DMSC researchers use a variety of tools to provide data analysis and mining solutions in support of ongoing scientific research efforts. Tools researched and developed by ITSC can be freely downloaded (see licensing agreements).

The Algorithm Development and Mining System (AdaM) developed by the Information Technology and Systems Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville is used to apply data mining technologies to remote sensed and other scientific data. The mining system consists of interoperable components that can be linked together in a variety of ways for application to diverse problem domains. ADaM operations can be configured to create customized mining processes. Preprocessing and analysis utilities aid users in applying data mining to problems including translating between data fomats. New components can easily be added to make the system adapt to different science problems. ADaM provides a toolkit of pattern recognition, image processing, optimization, and association rule mining capabilities. Using common scripting languages, such as Python, Perl, shell, ADaM components can be used to solve complex data analysis problems. ADaM’s component architecture also provide compatibility with other data mining and analysis packages.

Visit the ADaM web site for additional information, documentation, and downloads of the latest ADaM Toolkit.

Handling the vast number of heterogeneous data formats found in scientific data sets results in a large data preprocessing effort for most researchers. The Earth Science Markup Language (ESML) has been researched and developed by ITSC to assist in easier data access and utilization.

See the ESML web site for more details on ESML

The DMSC provides special environments such as embedded On-Board processing systems, satellite, airborne, and ground-based sensor platforms, as well as PDAs. Through the EnVironmEnt for Onboard Processing (EVE) program data mining is used for classification and feature extraction that contribute to Earth science research applications, including natural hazard detection and prediction, fusion of multi-sensor measurements, intelligent sensor control, and the generation of customized data products for direct distribution to users. Advanced onboard (space-based) data processing is becoming a reality. The EVE system provides tools and services that can be extended and adapted to specific research needs.

See the EVE web site for more details on ITSC onboard data processing capabilities.

ITSC provides many data subsetting solutions that improve the ability of researchers to access only the data of interest.

Vist the Subset.Org page for more details on available Subsetting tools.