Driving Directions

On leaving the Huntsville Airport, take Interstate Highway 565 toward Huntsville (East). After about 7 miles you will pass the rockets of the Space and Rocket Center on your right. Exit from I565 at the next offramp past the Space and Rocket Center. This is an offramp for a number of streets, including Sparkman. The offramp goes up to the top of an overpass, where there is a traffic light. If you are staying at the Marriott Hotel at the Space and Rocket Center, turn right here and the hotel is just ahead. If you are heading for Technology Hall, go through this intersection and turn left at the next intersection, which is Sparkman Drive. After making the turn onto Sparkman, you will go over the interstate. Turn left at the first street, which is Technology Drive. Turn in at the first drive on the left after you are on Technology Drive. This is the entrance to Technology Hall. To get to the Technology Hall parking drive to the back of the building, turn right, jog to your left to go across a small bridge, and park anywhere you want in the large lot that is next to a small park.

If you are staying at the Tom Bevil Center, do not turn onto Technology Drive, but continue on Sparkman until you pass the UAH Lake on the right. Go though the light at the end of the UAH lake (do not turn here) and continue on the next light. Turn right into the Tom Bevil Center, a multistory brick building.

If you are staying at the Hampton Inn or Holiday Inn research park, as you drive on I565 from the Huntsville Airport, exit onto Rideout road (which looks like an interstate highway) going north. (If you pass the rockets of the Space and Rocket Center you have missed Rideout road.) Do not go south or you will enter Redstone Arsenal. Take Rideout road north and exit east onto University Drive (also called US 72). You want to go toward Hunsville, not toward Athens. If you are staying at the Holiday Inn, take the first drive after you exit from Rideout road. This gets you into the Madison Square Mall. This mall entrance will "T" into a road that goes around the mall. Turn at the "T" and you will see the Holiday Inn on your right about just after you turn (just past the steakhouse on your right).

If you are staying at the Hampton Inn on University (note there is also one on Highway 20 near the Airport), follow the directions for the Holiday Inn, but do not turn into the mall. Keep going on University Drive. You will pass through a traffic light at Old Monrovia road and you should see the Hampton Inn on the right, just prior to passing through the next traffic light at Wynn Drive.