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Mining Scenarios


Real Time Predefined mining steps are used to generate data products for the end users in real time. The end users can specify the products required; however this scenario does not require the end user to have any expertise or role in the production of data.
On Ingest Predefined mining steps are used to mine data on ingest. The operations can include gridding, averaging, noise removal or other necessary preprocessing operations.
On Demand The end user is allowed to select different options through a custom user interface. These options are contained in a set of mining steps capable of producing various data products. The options can include subsetting, subsampling, gridding, averaging, and other well understood processing operations.


Knowledge Discovery

Domain Expert Develops Mining Procedure This scenario allows domain experts who have an understanding of the various mining techniques to determine the mining steps.
Domain Expert Develops Operators Domain experts with significant programming experience can develop and add their own custom-mining operators to the mining system.
Collaboration Between Mining and Domain Domain and mining experts can work together to solve difficult interdisciplinary problems using the mining system. In this scenario, the mining center provides the mining expertise and mining software to the domain expert.