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Data Mining User Capabilities

There are different types of users, and all have varying levels of expertise. The ways these users will want to interact with a mining system will be drastically different as a result. Following are some classes of users, and what they might expect from a system:

  • Casual Users:
    Casual users will have little knowledge of the problem domain and no knowledge about mining operations. They will want the system to produce some information in an easily understandable format without having to specify how the system does the job.
  • Domain Experts:
    Domain experts will understand the problem domain and will be capable of aiding in development of mining plans. Some sophisticated domain experts may assemble mining plans on their own, or even develop mining operators.
  • Mining Experts:
    Mining experts will be capable of constructing mining plans using existing operators and of implementing new mining operators. They may work with domain experts to solve mining problems.