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GMAO Model Mining

To advance the capacity for information extraction from models, NASA/ARC, the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) at NASA/GSFC, ITSC, and Simpson Weather Associates are applying data mining frameworks for the analysis and extraction of information from numerical model output data generated or archived at the GMAO. The team is conducting experiments focusing on the automated detection and mining of atmospheric phenomena relationships within the model data.

Tropical Cyclone Identification

  • The heuristic procedure considered all tropical ocean pixels and accepted those that:
    - Had surface pressure below a certain threshold (990)
    - Had vorticity above a certain threshold (15)
  • As an alternative to the heuristic procedure, a clustering algorithm was used to derive the signature of the cyclones
    - Using pressure, vorticity
    - Using pressure, vorticity, temperature, cloud total
    - Using pressure, vorticity, cloud low