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Detecting Tropical Cyclones Using AMSU
The Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU) is a microwave radiometer that can be used to detect temperature at different levels of the atmosphere. Based on gradients in temperature measurements in a given area, it is possible to estimate maximal sustained radial wind speed. This wind speed estimate can be combined with other factors such as ice scattering and moisture in order to detect tropical cyclones. Roy Spencer of the Global Hydrology and Climate Center (GHCC) has designed an algorithm for detecting tropical cyclones and estimating their maximum sustained wind speed.

The ADaM data mining system was used to implement this algorithm. In addition, an image is produced for the AMSU channel 8 brightness temperatures by the same mining application. This image is combined with the text file containing the events to produce an integrated visual result. The processing has been automated and is currently being done as soon as the AMSU data become available.

Results can be viewed on the web at http://pm-esip.msfc.nasa.gov/cyclone.

Mining on Data Ingest: Tropical Cyclone Detection

Collaboration with Domain Expert:
Dr. Roy Spencer (UAH GHCC)