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ADaM Binaries

ADaM 4.0.2 Binary deliverables are available for Window, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. The deliveries consist of binary executables for the components of the data mining and image processing toolkits (see documentation for list and explanataion of components).

Please contact us with any problems you experience with any of these modules or suggestions you might have.

Check out the licensing information for these deliverables.

Version 4.0.2 (NEW)

Documentation for Version 4.0.2

Binary Executables:

Download Linux version (3.43 MBytes)
Download Windows version (1.48 MBytes)
Download Mac version (4.57 MBytes)

Python Modules:

Download Linux version(Python 22) (0.286 MBytes)
Download Windows version (Python 22) (0.164MBytes)
Download Windows version (Python 23) (0.164 MBytes)
Download Windows version (Python 24) (0.164 MBytes)
Download Mac version (Python 23) (0.372 MBytes)

Version 4.0.1

Download Linux version ~4.2 Mb
Download Windows version (Python 22) ~1.9 Mb
Download Windows version (Python 23) ~1.9 Mb
Documentation (MS Word)
Documentation (pdf)

Version 4.0.0

Download Linux version~ 16 Mb
Download Windows version ~ 2.8 Mb
Documentation (MS Word)
Documentation (pdf)